My Soul’s Stream

Steel, cold, vault hiding broken glass
Many a times people walk pass
Few come in then crush it more
While one’s heart tries to restore

A touch of warmth upon the steel
Spreading again, flesh that is real
Watching it all through the changes
Once again, as everything rearranges

Bringing upon it a warming light
Producing the unseen of one’s delight
Brought to life that which was not there
Through that of one’s sole delicate care

The glass melting forming anew
As the mist upon it forms a dew
Waxing to the most priceless form
Made from pieces of a mid-summer storm

One’s soul is now amazingly complete
After enduring the ferverent intensity of heat
All calms down to a steady flow
A precious fountain for others to know


~ by zealfire on January 24, 2010.

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