Sailing Onward

As I sail the ocean blue,
My Captains holy chart sets me true,
Even though the waves are crashing down,,
With no land in sight all around,
His guiding hand will still abound,

Many come by to plunder and destroy,
Alone i am nothing but a mere boy,
Unknown to them someone is with me,
Keeping my boat from sinking in the sea,

The ocean waters are always churning,
My coarse is set I will not be turning,
Sails are filled with the misty winds,
Leaving the old land and its trends,
Waiting for helpers that my Captain sends,

Faith is tested when clouds start to form,
Skills are tried through out the storm,
Put to the test the anchor will hold,
My trust in my Captain does not unfold,
Though the nights may get cold,

On the way are places of calm water,
There my desire to finish does not grow hotter,
It is in the battles my desire grows,
Trying to stay out of the wrong flows,
Through my weaknesses my Captain’s strength shows.


~ by zealfire on January 25, 2010.

One Response to “Sailing Onward”

  1. Deep, dark, mysterious water giving way to clear, cooling bathes of joy.–Mrs P

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