I am From

I am from a breath,
from the Bible and black ink on paper
I am from the Light under the heavens
(White, Sparkling,
aesthetic to the eye.)
I am from the blood of one man
the begotten Son
whose outstretched limbs I caused
as if the sacrifices were my own.

I’m from evil and darkness,
         From sin and death,
I’m from the unbelievers
         and the believers
from a wretch! And a blessing!
         with a pure lamb
and one prayer I can say myself.

I’m from dc Talk and tobyMac’s music,
rhythmic flows and lyrical truths,
from the past my life lost
         to saving grace,
The eyes my Father opened to give sight.

Under my bed was an old letter
pouring aged memories,
a sift of lost feelings
to float below my thoughts.
I am from those moments–
broken before I lived–
cut off from my life.


~ by zealfire on January 27, 2010.

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