Hidden Love

All is silent
Except a whisper amongst the wind
Tears falling inside as liquid fire
My heart torn and I cry
A calming presence growing inside me
Filling this very being, becoming one
With thoughts one is losing
A voice of one I faintly hear
Flowing like a stream, just time away
Building together minute by precious minute
Awaking hours, and sleep at night
Wrapping love, warming heart
Ticking seconds, pure rain
Cleans the flesh of old away
Silent answers, no one can hear
Except the voice between my ears
The words I hear begin to comfort
Purifying and renewing the mind
A constant freshening heart and mind
Mind comforting eternal bliss
Will it ever complete until I live?
Inside me I stand, strengthening, my own construction
The voice keeps getting clearer
A gentle host working through weakness
This peace within myself I need
I fail, it lifts me up again
Why does it still hold me?


~ by zealfire on January 28, 2010.

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