The mind entranced amidst the haze,
Utter darkness with a confusion glaze,
Nothing but emptiness, except a faint cry,
A hearkening call echoing to draw nigh,
Tapping amongst barely able to be heard,
Dark forces trembling at a sound not blurred,

Growing a continuous ear shattering knock,
A flash coming through the door’s lock,
Coming from that which was not there,
Light shining through the darkness it tears,
A presence appears to lie behind,
Shall the door be left closed or open to find,

The void is holding a strong grasp,
Reaching out with one final clasp,
Feelings of nothingness trying to hide,
Barely cracked, the door opens wide,
Darkness having a sensation of fear,
A blazing flame the darkness it doth sear,

Light piercing the deepest depths of the soul,
Two forces at war as one fills the hole,
Light won a battle but not yet the war,
Death bringing complete transformation to the core,
Clarity is replacing the mind’s haze,
Shining upon a new life’s phase.


~ by zealfire on January 31, 2010.

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