Second Chance

I remember the blood dripping down my hand,
My life could I no longer stand,
The pain and misery not to mention the tears,
Suffering I endured throughout the years,

My vision is slowly fading away,
Someone is near but I can not tell what they say,
Feeling it drain my body growing weaker,
Aspects of my life were always growing bleaker,

A needle pierces through my skin,
I can sense the presence of blood rushing in,
Doctors manage to have me revived,
Restoring the blood my body was deprived,

Torment could have came upon my soul,
My rejection would have taken its toll,
Showing my life in way of error,
Cast to Hell in sheer terror

A second chance I do not deserve,
Taught about Christ whom now I serve,
I found the purpose of my life,
Finally comforted from all the strife.


~ by zealfire on March 29, 2010.

One Response to “Second Chance”

  1. How does one reply to such deep sorrow?

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