The Narrow Road

As I walk this narrow road and times draw near the dark of night. I relish in the present thought of my true Love’s delight, but there are times where whence comes a storm, waxing them cold away from warm. As I draw near the edge, I look down from upon the ledge. Considering the thoughts of going away, I hear a whisper while I dwell astray. Will you also go away a question coming in the faint whisper while I dwell where I stay. I dwell astray within my thoughts, as I look down with heart uncaught. My love whispers from beside and ahead, while here my thoughts rest as I dwell in bed. Will you also go away, but to him I must reply where will I stray? There is nothing left in this place where I dwell, but pain, sorrow, and the very pit of Hell. Away from the edge I begin to stray, down the road as I walk the way. Once again my love whispers in my ear I love you child continue to draw near as you walk down this narrow way. Behold my love dwells ahead, while I wake from this dreamlike bed. My Father calls out my name, things my child will not be the same. Push forward my beloved, my dear, precious child continue to draw near. Don’t look to the dark of night, do not look unto the left nor the right. Please my child look ahead, as my Son for you has died and bled. Keep his thoughts upon your mind as you continue to write and rhyme. I love you.

~ by zealfire on September 24, 2011.

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