Covered by the most High’s wing,
A heavenly realm where cherubim sing,
Delighted in the apple of His eye,
Bottled are the tears that I cry.

His thoughts of me as the grains of sand,
In Him alone I firmly stand,
He counts the very hairs of my head,
Arisen my Love once died and bled.

Boldly I enter before His throne,
Where earthly saints have been made known,
Crowns are worn while on bended knee,
The love of the King enables to see.

Clothed in majesty the King forbears,
Armouring those the King prepares,
Being one among those who wait,
Paths I walked have been kept straight.

His kingdom coming to the earth,
The Holy Spirit is bringing rebirth,
The Shepherd is now among His sheep,
Tears wiped away from those who weep.


~ by zealfire on October 4, 2011.

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