Zombie Killers

Zombie killers is starts out how most zombie stories start, a virus, but this virus is used as a metaphor for the issue of sin. The story aspect of the analogy follows this guy named Ben and his friends through there experiences in dealing with the plague of zombies while on the chapters in between the story Kinley discusses the real life analogy. Thus, the chapters of the book alternate between the fictional, Ben and the zombies, and the nonfiction, sin and salvation.

I felt like the work was simple, and did provide good descriptions as for what it was trying to get across, but otherwise I did not like it. The every other chapter nonfiction segments distracted me constantly from the fictional section, and became difficult for me to get through. The writing style in some instances was almost too simplistic, if not poorly written. The fictional side was interesting though not very appealing, but probably because I’m used to zombie stories like Left for Dead (the video game) and Resident Evil (the movie). I would give him a 3 out of 5 stars though simply for being able to make a pretty decent analogy within the work.


~ by zealfire on October 25, 2011.

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