In the Mirror

 A glimpse of the man in the mirror of which the image grows clearer, Life is dilapidated faded away with no colors, no tones, just Dorian Gray. My reflection is no painting,but I feel the stricture. Never been perfect, never a complete picture.


~ by zealfire on July 29, 2013.

4 Responses to “In the Mirror”

  1. Look a little harder
    Stare a little while
    Perhaps then you’ll see
    The man you were meant to be
    God looks at you and he sees you as his son
    Thanks to the sacrifice of the Holy one
    See God’s rainbow is brighter than ours
    with more colors than you could ever even dream
    When you look in the mirror remember the deal
    That what your seeing isn’t what it seems
    See were not called to just stare at the natural but what’s true and real
    Despite how you feel
    About you
    God’s got the final say, no matter what you do
    He choose to love you while your still enjoying the pleasures of sinning
    Tell Satan God’s supreme when he thinks that he’s winning
    That from the beginning
    God had his eye on you with plans
    Like i’m looking for a worishipper and I choose THAT man.
    Yeah I see that he’s not perfect he’s got a lot of flaws
    But when all is said and done he’ll stay true to my cause
    So stare a little longer
    Smile at what you see
    Soon the broken pieces will come together
    And you’ll see the man you soon will be
    Don’t let the glitches in your software shut you down
    Or make you frown
    The future’s still bright I promise but I won’t swear
    When you feel like your choking on life
    God says “Son, I’ll be your air”
    When you feel lost, fogotten and tossed aside
    He says to make it clear he’s never left you on this ride
    Not once
    Though the journey may look bleak now
    Open up his word and let it speak
    To who you are and enocurage yourself
    Pretty soon you’ll see the colors coming in cleare than before
    But I know for sure
    God’s got ya in his hands
    And nothing happens by accident or chance.

    • Picture hardly
      Stare a little while
      Maybe you’ll see
      The man I’m destined to be
      Absent in me, Jekyll and Hyde within
      Stung by the decay of original sin,
      No colors, Dorian Gray, everything fading away,
      Colors, dreams, swallowed in a state of decay
      In the mirror my expressionless face, I stare , no thoughts, no reverie
      The past, the present, the remains of the old be,
      The view torn, broken, ripped at the seams
      Shadows diverge beneath this depth-less frame,
      Consumed, burning, set aflame
      No matter what I do .
      Charred ashes surround my form.

      • Lol 🙂 hello sir long time no talk how ya been

      • I see the man with in you
        The man you will become but your staring at a product in the making
        Like the battle ain’t already won
        You’re beautiful inside
        This i know is true
        When God looks at you He’s the son he sent die for you
        Blood of his blood
        Bone of his flesh
        No trace of original sin
        That’s why he sent his Holy Spirit to live within
        Guiding and leading you on the path of grace
        To nudge when you wonder off and lose the pace
        He is merciful and his stength is perfect
        He will never leave you or forsake you
        Nor is his remedy found solely in what you do
        Don’t worry about decay or your will or mind
        God had all of that covered and he’s always on time
        He called you be the salt of the earth as a measure of preservation
        From all hurricanes, tornados, tsunami and precipitation
        He’s got your back, front and sides
        But more importantly he’s working on the inside
        Encraving his name on the tablet of your heart always
        So when your eyes start to gaze
        Upon another as the bases of your affection and worth, he can slowly woo your heart back to his
        I know that sounds funny and your not used to associating God with romance
        But truth is this life is just a dance
        And God wants too be our partner
        Not Lording over us but joining us in willful submission
        You see he humbles himself in us daily
        Never over riding our freewill to destroy our own lives but gently waiting for us to realize the truth
        We have sold our pretty palace for demolished cisterns
        That can’t bear water less more juice
        No more tears
        Or lies about intentions
        Just a humble and contribute heart working through repentance
        Open Confession
        Where our hearts would meet his and promise would be birthed
        Purpose engulfed in the formation of prayer hands
        Lips covered with forgiveness A mind saturared in the father’s heart
        A will that has sold itself to be possessed by God
        For his glory
        Let God birth his purpose in you
        Let him be your Lord and your best friend

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