Sublime and Surreal

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A lovely ravishingly alluring delightful goddess. Angelic as the stars in the heavens emanating such an aesthetic radiance for the eyes to behold. Delicate eyes to the soul of a pure heart of gold. A fairy, quite like in the tales, yet surreal. A creation of the Divine whom created such perfection with a purpose, one to be pursued. Arousing such an unquenchable passion emblazoned by a petite and precious frame. A silhouette of beauty whose image can not be captured, but causes the heart enraptured. Captivated with intrigue of one so fair, so charming, as thee.


The [Expanded] Bible by Thomas Nelson

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The [Expanded] Bible by Thomas Nelson is a part of their signature series. There are numerous cross references spread throughout the Bible itself to aid in studying the word of God. The [Expanded] Bible though offers different interpretations such as traditional meaning of passages or a literal translation of a word. For example John 1:1 reads as:

“1In the beginning [Gen. 1:1] ·there was the Word [the Word already existed; Cthe Word refers to Christ, God’s revelation of himself]. The Word was ·with [in the presence of; in intimate relationship with] God [Cthe Father], and the Word was [fully] God.” -Thomas Nelson, Inc.. The Expanded Bible

There is an introduction to the Bible in the front while the meanings of the abbreviations and how to read The [Expanded] Bible are also in the beginning. An index of major events that occurred and topics of the Bible is included.

My Accommodations and Criticisms :

The index of major events helps a lot when I can not remember where to find stories like those of Balaam and the one of Saul and Barnabas. I find the additions intriguing and helpful in studying the Bible, and beneficial. I did like that the additions were clearly marked as additions, and could be seen as such. The only negative aspect to them is that when wanting to just read the Bible it is difficult to read through, because of the additions. Nonetheless, I find this one of the better Bible’s out today, and I would suggest it to anyone else who is interested in seeing more in depth meanings whether they be traditional or a more literal rendering.

Disclosure of Material Connection: I received this book free from Thomas Nelson Publishers as part of their book review program. I was not required to write a positive review. The opinions I have expressed are my own.



Heaven is For Real for Kids

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Heaven is For Real for Kids was about a child named Colton Burpo who went to heaven. One every page there are several verses from the Scripture. There are colorful pictures on every page which give a dreamlike quality in that the pictures are not fully clear. The pictures are very appealing. Overall, it simply discusses him seeing Jesus, the angels, and animals.

The sentences are simple enough for a young child to read as intended, and the colorful pictures add to making an appeal to children. I did like how the passages of scripture were on every page. My only hesitation about the book as all books which discuss afterlife experiences is that I am slightly skeptical of them. Otherwise, I found the book to be quite good. I would definitely give it a five star rating for a children’s book. Next up is to try to see if my nephew will like it.

Disclosure of Material Connection: I received this book free from Thomas Nelson Publishers as part of their book review program. I was not required to write a positive review. The opinions I have expressed are my own.

Zombie Killers

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Zombie killers is starts out how most zombie stories start, a virus, but this virus is used as a metaphor for the issue of sin. The story aspect of the analogy follows this guy named Ben and his friends through there experiences in dealing with the plague of zombies while on the chapters in between the story Kinley discusses the real life analogy. Thus, the chapters of the book alternate between the fictional, Ben and the zombies, and the nonfiction, sin and salvation.

I felt like the work was simple, and did provide good descriptions as for what it was trying to get across, but otherwise I did not like it. The every other chapter nonfiction segments distracted me constantly from the fictional section, and became difficult for me to get through. The writing style in some instances was almost too simplistic, if not poorly written. The fictional side was interesting though not very appealing, but probably because I’m used to zombie stories like Left for Dead (the video game) and Resident Evil (the movie). I would give him a 3 out of 5 stars though simply for being able to make a pretty decent analogy within the work.

Obedience of the Meek

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My life I repeatedly lay down,
Praying that You won’t let me drown,
I give all to you my Father,
Though at times it does bother,
Throwing away the feelings of fear,
Anxiety fleeing from here,

You my Lord are my strength,
For You I’m willing to go the length,
In You I find my peace,
Placing dew upon my fleece,
My heart is transformed,
My soul and spirit continually warmed,
My body utterly under submission,
Proper times come for admonition,

My Father you build my trust,
Cleansing me from any rust,
You alone are my sustenance,
Then the unclean You dispense,

Help me Lord to submit,
All unto you I must commit,
My emotions, my very dreams,
My will endowed to the Supreme’s.

My Father’s Touch

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I do not contain bitterness,
Emotions of are quite amiss,
Softened by my Father’s touch,
Feelings are mastered by such,
Fervor waxes quite innate,
The negative, my love, He does abate,
Protected by my Father’s wings,
Given all to the King of kings.

For now in His peace I must rest,
Awaiting for the one He blessed,
Upon my life I now reflect,
As my Maker, He does perfect.
I do contain those of love,
Those of which I do speak of,
Led upon by my Father’s hand,
My master whom for now I stand.


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Covered by the most High’s wing,
A heavenly realm where cherubim sing,
Delighted in the apple of His eye,
Bottled are the tears that I cry.

His thoughts of me as the grains of sand,
In Him alone I firmly stand,
He counts the very hairs of my head,
Arisen my Love once died and bled.

Boldly I enter before His throne,
Where earthly saints have been made known,
Crowns are worn while on bended knee,
The love of the King enables to see.

Clothed in majesty the King forbears,
Armouring those the King prepares,
Being one among those who wait,
Paths I walked have been kept straight.

His kingdom coming to the earth,
The Holy Spirit is bringing rebirth,
The Shepherd is now among His sheep,
Tears wiped away from those who weep.